Hypoallergenic Dogs

Are you looking to add a special friend to your household? Do you hope to find a breeder in your area that you can trust to provide you with the highest quality breeds? Are you looking for hypoallergenic dogs because someone in your family suffers from allergies? If you would like to find a dog for your family that is low shed and hypoallergenic, then you are in luck. 

Martha Lake Lagotto has become well-known in the local area for providing healthy and well cared for puppies. With our location in Lynnwood, we are in the perfect place for you to visit us from many of the nearby neighborhoods including the Redmond, WA areas. 

Here at Martha Lake Lagotto, we take great pride in breeding puppies that are well adjusted and happy. When you purchase one of our Lagotto Romagnolo pups, you can expect that they have been well bred and well cared for. 

Whenever you are looking to bring the joy of a puppy into your home, then consider the choice of a Martha Lake Lagotto dog! Whether you are looking for hypoallergenic dogs that are great with children and other pets, or would like a canine companion to accompany you in your active lifestyle, then a Lagotto Romagnolo is a great breed for you. Lagotti have curly hair that does not shed therefore it is hypoallergenic. As hypoallergenic dogs, their thick waterproof double coat is dense and curly. It is a fault if the hair is flat (straight hair). The coat needs to be groomed. They do not require frequent bathing and do not, “smell like wet dog”. Their coat is considered low maintenance. 

If you are in the Redmond, WA and would like to find a breeder near you with years of experience, then be sure to contact us as soon as possible to find out more about our dogs and breeder services!