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How to Raise the Best Truffle Hunting Dogs

Hunters are always searching for the best hunting dog. Their dog becomes one of their best friends. While you may think that luck plays a huge part in finding the perfect hunting dog, there is a lot more that goes into it. Sure, nature plays a significant role in whether or not a dog excels at hunting, but even prominent breeds require a bit more than being born to help them excel.

The Right Breed for the Job

Not every breed can naturally hunt. Some of the dog breeds are too skittish or don't have the sense of sight and smell needed. Some don't have the prey drive that makes a great hunting dog. No matter what type of hunting you do, there is a breed for the job. Research is the first step in finding the best dog for you. If you want an excellent truffle hunting dog, you'll find plenty of information on the Lagotto Romagnolo. This breed comes from Italy; the name translates to 'water dog.' They are excellent water retrievers, making them an excellent choice for duck hunters. Upon doing your research, you'll also learn that they are splendid truffle hunting dogs. These dogs still need training, but they set you up for success due to their specific inborn traits.

You Found the Right Breed, Now What?

You're not yet through with researching. Now that you've found the right breed find the right breeder.

  • Spend time on the breeder's website.

  • Ask other hunters if they've gotten a dog from the breeder.

  • Visit. The breeding space should be clean.

  • Pups should look happy and healthy.

  • The breeder should be able and willing to answer questions.

  • Learn about the parents.

  • The puppies should be well socialized. Socialization must start well before you bring the puppy home.

Playtime Equals Bonding Time

Play with your puppy a lot. You'll be creating a strong bond with the dog. You'll need this bond as you begin hunting with the dog. The more time that you invest with your pup, the better.

Short and to the Point Training Sessions

If your puppy is home with you, he or she is old enough to begin training. Keep sessions short. Puppies have short attention spans. Make training time fun. Keep your commands short. It makes it easier for the pup to understand. Never hit your puppy. Use reward-based training methods for the best results.

Above all, love and enjoy your puppy. Have fun together. Go on adventures, become friends, as well as hunting buddies. Don't expect immediate results. It takes time for puppies to learn, but they will learn, and you'll have an excellent hunting compani

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