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The Lagotto Romagnola Name
 (La-got-toe Rrrro-man-yolo)

Lake dog from Romagna

Romagna water dog

Water dog of Romagna

The Lagotto Romagnolo breed has almost gone extinct twice even though it is the WORLD'S oldest water retriever AND  the WORLD'S only certified truffle hunting breed. In Romagna, Italy, they were traditionally used to retrieve waterfowl. After the marshes dried up they became expert hunters of truffles.

Renaissance (14-17 century) painting in the national museum of the Netherlands

Nowadays this MEDIUM size dog is a perfect NO SHED HYPOALLERGENIC Loving Companion family pet. Your dog will help you get out for a healthy walk. You will have a constant loving companion especially while cuddling when watching TV.  If you are more adventurous they can go swimming, hiking, go cross country skiing or snow shoeing with you, and of course there are truffles to be found locally. These dogs are not high energy just hardy.

Our parents are tested for over 200 genetic health diseases, hips, patellas, and eyes. We have genetic health guarantees.


Our bloodlines have multiple WORLD and NATIONAL and INTERNATIONAL CHAMPIONS!


Lagotti have a bright happy deamenor.

They are very loving, loyal, adaptable and a wonderful affectionate family companion. AKC lists affectionate, keen, and undemanding. Lagotti are agile, intelligent and known for their vivacity. They love intellectual stimulation and exercise. They make excellent therapy dogs. They are an easy to train companion. Most are active but not hyper.

Life Expectancy

15-17 Years of Lots of Love


Sporting Group, Water group or Gun Dog

Lagotti are excellent swimmers or paddlers. Many will retrieve from all kinds of lakes, rivers, and streams. Traditionally they were used to hunt waterfowl. If trained they will retrieve water fowl and rabbits. Currently, they are companion pets and known for being bred to hunt for truffles, the expensive underground delicacy which grow just u Dee the surface of the ground.


Coat Hair

Lagotti have soft curly hair that does not shed therefore it is hypoallergenic.

The thick waterproof double coat is dense and curly. It is a fault if the hair is flat (straight hair). The coat needs to be groomed. They do not require frequent bathing and do not “smell like wet dog”.


Coat colors

Lagottos have all colors except black which is a fault.

Colors are described as various shades of brown with or without white, cream, off white, and orange. They also come in white and orange, brown roan and tricolor (white, orange, and brown), and tan markings.



Lagottos are classified as medium in size square, and well proportioned. Rustically built and gives the impression that the lagotto has the strength and endurance to work all day in difficult and challenging terrain.



Height 16-18 inches (41-46 cm)

Weight 24-32 lbs (11-14 kg)



Height 17-19 inches (43-48 cm)

Weight 28.5-35 lbs (13-16 kg)



Our dogs are listed in the VOLUNTARY Canine Health Information Center (CHIC) database. We test the dogs before breeding as per the recommendations of the AKC parent club Lagotto Romagnolo Club of America (LRCA). Careful breeding practices provides the best healthy dog for our buyers and the breed.

  1. Hip Displasia (OFA or Penn Hip evaluation)

  2. Eye examination by a boarded ACVO opthalmologist each year, with the results registered with OFA.

  3. Patellelar Luxation (OFA evaluation)

  4. Benign Familial Juvenile Epilepsy (DNA based test results from the approved lab registered with OFA)

  5. Lagotto Storage Disease (DNA based test results from an approved lab registered with the OFA).

  6. DNA Repository (Optional) (Participation in the OFA/CHICDNA) Repository

  7. We test for over 220 DNS genetic health and phenotype tests prior to breeding (not just the few tests required by LRCA)

  8. Our dams receive pre-natal vitamins

  9. Our pups have early neurological stimulation, as well as socialization and lots of love with all members of our family, and with other pets.

  10. Pups will have had appropriate deworming and up to date vaccinations.


Modern History

Many Italian archeological sites during the sixth and fifth centuries BC have Etruscan representations of a small water dog with the appearance of a lagotto romagnolo. 


Lagotto Romagnolo is an ancient breed which can be scientifically traced back to 1474 AD (Pre-Romans).  It is thought that this breed is the foundation breed of which many of the sporting water dogs come from. Originally lagotti were used as water retrievers for birds. The name (Lago) means lake and Romagnolo means "from an area in Italy called Romagna". They were living in the lowlands of Comacchino and the marshlands of Ravenna which is in the sub-division of Romagna. When the marshlands were drained between 1840-1890 the waterfowl left and the lagotti with their amazing highly developed scent ability became trained to root out precious truffles.  The Lagotto Romagnolo is the only dog bred worldwide for the purpose of truffle hunting.There are few breeds of dogs that still to do the work that it has done for centuries, hunting truffles.


By the 1970's there were very few pure bred lagotti. Before the breed became extinct, a few dedicated people through careful breeding established the lagotto romagnolo as a recognized breed. In 1988 the Club Italiano Lagotto was established. The breed was officially established in 1995 by the  Federation Cynologique Internationale which is a federation of international kennel clubs (not including the USA or Canada) who promote the breeding of purebred dog breeds. In 2013, lagotti were able to show AKC conformation under miscellaneous breed. In 2015 AKC accepted lagotto romagnolo as a pure breed which allowed them to show as that breed. Lagotto romagnolo is still in the top ten rarest dog breed in the world. 


The Lagotto Romagnolo is the only dog breed that is bred worldwide for the purpose of truffle hunting.


Pedigrees and Grand Championships

Many of our dogs have Grand Champion pedigrees including World Championships. The parents of some of our dogs have been #1 Lagotto in the United States and Canada.

If anyone wants to show our Lagotti they will have an excellent chance of having Grand Champions!


Lagotti are good at rally, agility, tracking, obedience and nose work.

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