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Medium Sized Dogs for Sale

Are you searching the local area looking for medium sized dogs and puppies for sale? Have you been thinking about contacting a dog breeder to bring home a wonderful new purebred puppy to your family? Do you wish to find a loving, happy, and healthy puppy to add to your household? If you have answered yes to these questions, then we can surely be of assistance to you! Martha Lake Lagotto is an experienced dog breeder that has provided lovable companion dogs for many families in the local area. With our location in Lynnwood, we are readily available to offer our breeding services to the Kent, WA areas.

As a breeder that specializes in breeding quality Lagotto Romagnolo, Martha Lake Lagotto is highly experienced in raising puppies that will make healthy and happy members to anyone’s family. In addition to our vast experience, our team is passionate about producing this beautiful breed of dog and introducing them into loving forever homes. The Lagotto Romagnolo breed is well-known for their abilities including being truffle hunting and water dogs but most of all for their affectionate temperament and adorable teddy-bear appearance. They are wonderfully friendly and beautiful. Find more about our medium sized dogs and puppies for sale.

Are you interested in learning more about their modern history? In the 1970’s, the lagotto Breed was saved from extinction in the Romagna area of Italy. According to the Lagotto Club of America, there were 545 pups registered in 1994 and almost 900 pups registered in 2002 In Italy. They nearly doubled. There were approximately 500 lagottos registered in 2015, which was the first year AKC recognized this breed. They have come a long way thanks to our efforts, and the efforts of many other organizations.

When you are looking to add a canine companion to your family, you want to be certain that you find a breeder that you can count on to provide you with a puppy that has been raised properly. Here at Martha Lake Lagotto, you will find medium sized dogs and puppies for sale that have been raised in a clean space and in a loving manner. If you are in the Kent, WA area and have been thinking about purchasing a purebred from a breeder near you, then check out Martha Lake Lagotto today.

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